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Project Description

Wings Social Dyads

The goal of Wings is to help children strengthen a variety of social skills, such as recognizing their own feelings and the feelings of others, observing others, and making and keeping friends. This is accomplished through structured lessons and the use of less-structured activities similar to what children encounter in the community (on the playground, park, or at a birthday party or other social setting).

Wings helps children currently enrolled at Kindering transfer their skills to play with peers.  It can build children’s confidence and sense of social competence by supporting their ideas and interactions while engaging in typical childhood games. During these activities children learn the art of:

  • Entering a play situation
  • Beginning and maintaining conversations
  • Negotiating with their friends
  • Understanding other’s intentions and being understood
  • Following the rules of a game
  • Learning to be flexible

Social dyads are designed to pair children ages 3 to 10 years with another child of similar ability and skill levels, which is determined through clinical observations during individual therapy sessions and assessment using the Social Skills Improvement Scale.


Wings dyads are typically led by a Speech-Language Pathologist experienced in working with children with social-communication challenges, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Currently, dyads are scheduled based on availability and needs of the children and their families.  Additional groups are added as appropriate for children currently enrolled in individual intervention services through Kindering.


Please talk to your current Kindering provider, or contact Gabi Maxim at (425) 984-2644 or email her here.

Wings Social Group

Wings Social Group

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Our Mission

Kindering embraces children of diverse abilities and their families by providing the finest education and therapies to nurture hope, courage, and the skills to soar.