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Developmental Evaluations

After 50 years of research, the evidence is clear that intervening early matters. Kindering offers developmental evaluations at no cost to families for all children ages birth to three in order to widen access and opportunity for ALL children to receive the early support they need.

An evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of how a child is learning and growing. Kindering’s  developmental evaluations are completed by trained professionals who can gather information and insight on a child’s development.

Do you have concerns about your child’s development in any of the following areas?

  • Speaking
  • Getting along with other children
  • Understanding
  • Learning and paying attention
  • Moving or playing
  • Self-feeding, dressing or toileting
  • Seeing or hearing
  • Behavior

If so, please call (425) 747-4004 to schedule a developmental evaluation for your child. For more information on typical child development, please see our Pre-Screening Checklist.

Evaluations and Services in Transitional or Low-income Housing

Kindering partners with local transitional and low-incoming housing providers to offer screenings at no cost to families for children ages birth through 35 months.  Please call Connie Weber at (425) 653-4312 or email her ( to learn more.

Families in Transition – Kindering provides individualized services for children and families who are homeless or in transitional housing. For more information, please call (425) 747-4004.

NICU Next Steps

Kindering provides in-home therapies to support your child’s development following discharge from the NICU.

In-Home Evaluation (At No Cost to Families): Kindering’s certified therapists will complete a developmental evaluation at no cost to your family to determine the need for intervention and answer any questions about your child’s development.

In-Home Therapies Available Include:

  • Feeding therapy
  • Motor and Sensory Integration therapy
  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Special Education services
  • Family Support services

For more information and to schedule an evaluation, please contact Alison Humphreys at: (425) 289-7504.

Developmental Screenings & Evaluations Kindering

Developmental Screenings & Evaluations