Family Stories

Below are the stories of a few of our extraordinary children and their families. We always love bragging about our kiddos, and are so grateful to families who are willing to share their experiences. Family stories help bring the work of Kindering and the achievements of our children to life, and are an invaluable resource to current and prospective families, our community, and the greater public.  Check back for new stories, and if you would like to discuss ways to share your own story, please contact

When we first talked about adoption with Michael, we explained that it’s a process of choosing to be family forever. Michael understood, and responded, “We’re adopting each other.” Read Michael’s story.

“Kindering has always met us where we’re at, in every sense,” says Michelle. “They have stepped up for our family and for the community, and harnessed Talon’s strengths to truly let him soar.” Read Talon’s story.

“Kindering has provided us a home, and a community of people that we wouldn’t have otherwise… I don’t know what she’s going to do, but she is going to do something great.” Read Anna’s story.

“To have Kindering as professionals who understand what needs to get done and the steps for your child to progress in life… we’ve seen the impact of that through our son’s progression.” Read Dexter’s Story.

“If our family didn’t have this resource, I’m not sure where we’d be, but Kindering is able to give us the tools that we need to get her where she needs to go.” Read Elin’s story.

Hugo babbled and smiled like a typically-developing child, but at four or five months old, these behaviors ceased (read Hugo’s story). Hugo era un bebe feliz que balbuceaba y sonreía como cualquier otro bebe saludable, pero a los 4 o 5 meses estos comportamientos cambiaron (lea la historia de Hugo)

“Owen has made progress beyond his neurologists’ expectations, and we owe it all to the amazing resources Kindering has been able to provide to us.” Read Owen’s story.

“In the beginning, we couldn’t have imagined the options that are in front of Ryan today. We truly don’t know where we would be without Kindering.” Read Ryan’s story.