Project Description

Fathers Network


“Just how many of us fathers, with children with special needs, are out there? I don’t know, but it is nice to meet them from time to time. It’s a great experience.”

“I know others might have said this before, but the Fathers Network was a lifesaver at a very difficult time in my life. The support I received has expanded my life and that of my whole family.”

“The Network stands on the ideal that fathers are not irrelevant, especially in the parenting of a special needs family member. It recognizes that dads need support as much as moms, but their support is different.”

The Washington State Fathers Network is a powerful voice for fathers and families of children with special health care needs.  We do our work by connecting men with each other and with resources and information, by training men to tell their story and advocate for change and by working to promote inclusion. We firmly believe that:

  • Men are superb resources for each other
  • Men have needs of their own when they have a child in their life who has special health care needs
  • The voice and perspective of men need to be heard
  • As an organization and as individuals we need to advocate for equal access to the community for everyone

Visit our website at, join our mailing list here, and you can find us on Facebook by searching for Washington State Fathers Network or by our handle @FathersNetworkWA.

For more information, contact Louis Mendoza at or at 425-653-4286.

Washington State Fathers Network