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Speech and Language Therapy

Early Intervention Program

Learning to communicate is one of the key elements of creating and sustaining meaningful relationships. For children with limited or delayed language, it is critical to provide strategies and interventions designed to help children become successful communicators and independent language learners. Kindering’s Speech-Language Pathologists work with children and their families to facilitate and enhance communication skills that are already in development. After evaluating your child’s current communication skills through a formal assessment, clinical observation and parent reports your therapist will develop a comprehensive therapy plan and provide direct intervention services that are based in play and parent-coaching strategies. The focus of therapy is on total communication, which includes being able to understand and use language. Therapists may also use non-verbal strategies including signing, picture exchange, and electronic devices to support overall communication development.

Early Intervention Speech and Language Therapy services  (ages birth-three) are provided in a variety of individual or group settings, including:

  • Home Visits
  • In-Clinic Appointments
  • Childcare
  • Kindering’s Toddler Preschool Stepping Stones Program
  • Around the community (e.g., park, mall, etc.)

Speech-Language Pathologists at Kindering are accredited by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).

For more information about Early Intervention Speech and Language Therapy and to schedule a comprehensive developmental assessment, please call Kindering’s intake line at (425) 653-4300.

KidsClinic Private Therapy

Private speech therapy services are also available for children ages birth through 10 years old, including children who do not qualify for early intervention. Please visit our KidsClinic Private Therapy page for more information or contact our KidsClinic Coordinator at (425) 289-7526.

Speech Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy