Project Description

CUBS (Communication, Understanding, Behavior, Socialization)

CUBS provides highly specialized, evidence-based services designed to meet the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Services involve a blended approach grounded in the principles of Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Special Education, and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Every child is unique, which is why Kindering’s CUBS program provides interventions tailored to each child’s individual strengths, interests, and needs along with those of their family. Each child will have a curriculum and treatment plan specifically designed for them that includes:

  • Effective instructional strategies
  • Activity-based instruction
  • Developmentally appropriate practices
  • Functional Behavior Analysis, to address challenging behaviors

Services may be delivered in the home, community, classroom setting or individual clinic setting.

Parents also need support and coaching to assist in their child’s social, emotional and cognitive growth. Based on the individual needs of the family and child, these services may include:

  • Speech Therapy, Occupational/Physical Therapy, and/or Feeding Therapy
  • Home visits for support at home or in the community
  • Family counseling provided by our licensed Family Therapist
  • Targeted practice on specific skills children will need to be successful in their next environment
  • Collaboration and coordination with child’s school district, to assist with a smooth transition

Please talk with your Family Resources Coordinator or call Marcee Merriam at (425) 984-2636 or email her ( if you have questions about your child’s CUBS program.

CUBS Specialized Program for Children with Autism

CUBS Autism Support